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Astronomy is related to the movement of the planets and the solar system and everything in space. It covers all celestial bodies, their direction, the base of matter and a lot more. Aerospace, on the other hand is a form of engineering which specializes in manufacturing of vehicles, aircrafts, space shuttles and more.

In our video lectures, we will be covering a wide array of different topics from beginning. In order to excel in astronomy and aerospace, it is important to have the right base and the foundation can be set by getting a basic overlay of the principle of aerodynamics. Our tutorials will cover the different topics related to cosmology along with space flight thermodynamics. When going through these videos, you will understand the correlation between the two sciences and how you will be able to make the best out of it.

By going through these tutorials, you will learn even the complex acoustic instabilities which can occur during aerospace propulsion along with turbo machinery aerodynamics. Those who have a keen interest in the field will also be able to acquaint themselves with the complex dynamics related to flight stability. These tutorials have been carefully organized by segregating them into separate lectures and you can go through them progressively to improve your knowledge base in this area.



  The Planets


Jet and Rocket Propulsion


Origins: from the Big Bang to the Emergence of Humans